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SRS provides Bodyguard and Executive Protection services to clients who seek special security measures or precautions. Our services are aimed at protecting political figures, athletes, celebrities, business leaders, senior management or anyone who requires personal or family protection. Whether at home, your office, traveling to a certain location, or during an event, we can provide a Bodyguard or Executive Protection service wherever it is needed.

Our Bodyguards and Executive Protection agents are selected based on their professional experience and exemplary skills, along with their training and ability to adapt to changing environments and the client’s needs. We offer transportation arrangements, off-duty police officers, security surveys, and risk assessments of your situation.

Bodyguard servcie Texas

Corporations and individuals are sometimes faced with unexpected threats from terrorists, ex-employees, criminals, racists, stalkers and the mentally unstable. With situations such as: sabotage, kidnapping, hijacking, assassination, espionage, harassment and domestic issues, the need for close protection or a Bodyguard service is growing. Sadly, an issue such as terminating an employee or someone’s investment went bad, results in a violent incident with an employer or corporation; even political figures and other officials are no longer safe for a brief meeting with their public.

Most hesitate to call a Bodyguard service or Executive Protection detail because they all think it will cost them $200.00 per hour and you will get some agent mussel bound agent that looks like Mr. –T or some Football player showing up- generally not the case at all.  Although large intimidating agents have their use in some circumstances,  we understand most of our clients want representatives that “blend in” to their lifestyle or cooperate image, and maybe not the hardened solider or ” operator or contractor” look.

Executive protection Texas

SRS offers a discreet, professional and corporate look to our clients, and while offering different layers of protection we try to remain as un-intrusive to their business or lifestyle while there. Unlike most companies we won’t send you an average security guard in a suit, we only recruit and retain professionals that have extensive training and backgrounds in the industry.

Please follow the link on this page or call us at any time as we will appreciate the opportunity to service your needs correctly and discreetly.


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BodyGuard Service Texas
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